Step 3: ID cards

Get Your Student ID Card 

You will be able to obtain your Student ID Card at the commencement of your studies. Your Student ID card has many uses including electronic building swipe access, proof of identity at UNSW examinations and library borrowing.

Please follows these steps to obtain your Student ID card:

1.  Wait 24 hours after enrolment

You need to wait 24 hours after you have enrolled in classes before you can obtain your ID card.

2.  Collect your ID card

You are encouraged to claim your ID card before Orientation week to avoid longer wait times.

Provided you present the required identification documents (outlined below) you can collect your ID card from the UNSW main library during the Getting Started period. Outside the Getting Started period you can obtain your ID card from Student Central.


Required Identification Documents

You need to provide these documents as proof of your identity

To collect your ID card you will need to bring with you:

  • Your UNSW student number
  • And one of the following documents as evidence of your identity: Passport, Australian Driver Licence or Australian Photo ID Card.

Please note: If the name on your official documentation does not match the name on your student record at UNSW, you may be asked to complete a Change of Personal Details Request form and provide additional supporting documentation.

Follow our step by step guide to check your name is correct on myUNSW.


Additional identification required for Domestic students

If you are a Domestic Student (Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or New Zealand Citizen) then you also need to provide evidence of your citizenship or residency. Accepted evidence includes:

  • Australian birth certificate, passport or certificate of citizenship (Australian Citizens)
  • Visa letter or label (Australian Permanent Residents*)
  • New Zealand passport (New Zealand Citizens)


Need more information?

See this Student ID Card information on the current student website.