Step 3: ID cards

Get Your Student ID Card

Your Student ID card has many uses including electronic building swipe access, proof of identity at UNSW examinations and library borrowing.

Commencing your studies in Semester 1, 2018?

You can now request your Student ID card online via My Student Identity.

Apply by 1 February* to receive your ID card by Orientation. * Some conditions apply

Please ensure you read and follow the information provided below carefully before requesting your Student ID Card.

Preparing to get your ID card?

Here are some things you can do before applying for your ID card to make the process of obtaining your ID card quicker.

1. Complete your online acceptance and enrol into your courses

Please note, you will need to have been enrolled in a course/s for at least 24 hours before you are able to request your ID card.

2. Prepare your identification documents and a recent passport style photo

During the ID card application process, you will be required to upload:

  • One or more forms of valid identification documentation

Your identity documentation will be used to verify your identity and support any necessary changes to your personal details on your UNSW record.


  • A recent photo of yourself to be printed on your Student ID Card

Your photo must meet these requirements


Your name on your UNSW record.


Your name as it appears on your identity documentation will need to exactly match your Formal name on your UNSW record. This must include all middle names.


What should I do if my full legal name is not registered on my UNSW record?

When requesting your ID card you will need to check your name on your UNSW record  is correct. If your name is incomplete or incorrect (i.e. your middle name is missing or there is a typo in your name) you will be able to correct this as part of the online ID card application process. You will need to upload valid identification documentation to support any changes.

3. Collect your Arc sticker

Once you've collected your ID card, visit Arc Reception (D17) to get your membership sticker on the back and open up your student experience.


Need more information?

See this Student ID Card information on the current student website.