Congratulations and Welcome to UNSW!

Here you will find information on how to formally accept or defer your offer. Once you have accepted, you are ready to take the next steps - enrol into courses, get set up online and get your ID card. NB. There may be a delay between when you accept your offer and when you can enrol into courses.

Next, discover opportunities and some great ways to help you settle into student life. You can also download the official UNSW app here!

Number 1Accept or defer your offer
Inform the University of your intention to take up your offer to study at UNSW.

Number 2Enrolment
Select and enrol in your specific courses. You must accept your offer before you can enrol in your courses.

Number 3ID cards
You will need your ID card to access many services on campus.

Number 4Wi-Fi / IT support
Check out all the IT services available for you and how IT Support can help you.

Number 5Orientation and settling in
Meet friends, settle in and have fun!