Semester 2 Orientation 

20 - 22 July 2016

Orientation is all about getting to know the things that will be important you at UNSW. This includes your faculty, your campus, your classmates and the clubs and societies that you will join.

It is your chance to meet new people, find your way around, get involved and have some fun. Here's a summary of what to look out for:

Official Welcome to UNSW Australia

Date and times for the Semster 2 Official Welcome are yet to be announced.

Faculty Welcomes

Attending your Faculty Welcome is a great way to meet fellow students and key academic and support staff from your faculty. 

Semester 2 dates are yet to be announced.


Orientation Workshops and Sessions

Make sure you check out the UNSW orientation week event planner. This has the full list of all orientation events, including Faculty Welcomes, student run activities and skills development /academic sessions. You can browse all sessions, create your own plan for the week, and export it to your personal calendar!

Click the image below for all session details or visit planner.unsw.edu.au

*The orientation event planner website is optimised for the latest version of your internet browser

Have questions about the Orientation Event planner? Type 'Event Planner' in the FAQ search box on the right, or email gettingstarted@unsw.edu.au.




UNSW Library online tutorials

The Library have provided online content to help new UNSW students learn how to make the most of the Library's many resources. Click on the headings below to get started.


Getting Started with UNSW Library 

This whirlwind video tour tells you all you need to know to get started and connect with UNSW Library wherever you are. 


Smart Searching with UNSW Library

Find it faster at UNSW Library. Learn how to use UNSW Library to save time and find all the books, e-books, journals, databases, course materials, exam papers and multimedia you need.



Plagiarism is presenting another person's work or ideas as your own. Plagiarism is a serious breach of ethics at UNSW and is not taken lightly. So how do you avoid it?


Elise | Informing your studies quiz

It is a mandatory requirement for all commencing UNSW undergraduate students to complete the ELISE quiz by Week 5 of the student's first semester.

Completing the ELISE | Informing your studies tutorial and achieving a pass (80%) in the ELISE quiz, is mandatory for all new Undergraduate students.

The quiz is available from Orientation week and we suggest completing it ASAP before your workload starts to increase. This will take you through a number of key skills and concepts that are crucial to academic study.

Orientation Workshop Slides

The Learning Centre

Listening, reading and notetaking

What is referencing all about?

Introduction to report writing